Monday, August 15, 2011

Too good to not post, ya know?

Deb of Debbie Does Drivel sent this in.
If she wasn't on "the list" before, she damned sure is now.


Brian in Florida said...

I am on a vacation of sorts, let me explain, my daughters and I pooled our monies to travell to Georgia from Florida to visit family. My daughters have never metsome of my brothers families/wives kids. One is actually visiting me from Montana the other lives in florida with her husband and daughter. My Brother FROM Georgia came down with his family, stayed a week and we travelled back up with him to visit. Yea I know visiting family is something one should do from time to time, but the girl from Montana is broke AND going to college, the other girl and her family are having to down size. Me, well I am a disabled American Veteran and limited on funds so pooling and travelling with was the perfect option.
Background story finished, let me say this, at every and I mean EVERY stop for gas, or bathroom break we were hit by people asking for monies. In times past this only happened if we stopped in Montgomery. Montgomery being the one place we hated to stop, the place I made sure I had my carry in my hand when we stopped, now it seems that no matter the stop, no matter the place times are getting bad. Blame this on the obungler, sure why not, but and here is the rub, I also blame it on the free hand outs that the .GOV give. I carry, my daughters for a number of reasons do not, I think this trip has made it perfectly clear that it is time to change that. I suppose,, in a warped way we have to thank the obungler for that. When SHTF, and it will there will be 3 more people ready for it. That is all.

Deb said...

Thanks, Ken. I've always hoped to be on the A List along with the many highly talented and revered bloggers, readers, and esteemed members of the insanity fringe.

Stinkwilly said...

I think we are all on the list anyway but who gives a fat baby's dick.....

Anonymous said...

What are they going to do when the list reaches a total of 300 million people??
Paul in Texas

Skip said...

Been pakin' for years.
Kali, AZ, Utah tickets get me through a lot of states.
My boss, bless her heart, has a 9 on her side of the bed and a .38spl in her desk drawer.
The kids, when they come over, know they get to go to the range with granpa and learn more stuff about gun safety, sight picture, stance, trigger squeeze, draw and present, rifle zeroing, and sit-aware.
We have discussed with the family and neighbors backup, prep, med, and exfil.
Sign of the times.