Sunday, August 07, 2011

White House adviser blames tea party for downgrade

This is after China told Washington to cut spending or no more fortune cookies. But of course the dummycrats don't see it that way.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top White House adviser is blaming the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating on tea party Republicans, whom he says were unwilling to compromise on how to reduce the federal debt.
The adviser to President Barack Obama, David Axelrod, tells CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that the decision by the Standard & Poor's credit agency to downgrade the U.S. from AAA to AA+ for the first time was strongly influenced by weeks of standoff between Democrats and Republicans over the debt.
Axelrod calls the action, in his words, "a tea party downgrade" and says it's clearly on the backs of lawmakers who were willing to see the country default to get their way.
Axelrod also criticized GOP presidential candidates for not speaking up in favor of compromise.


Blue said...

And the Liberals will believe this spew....

They are "oh so smart" but they don't know when they're being played.

My old First Sargeant called their condition "Eat up with the dumbass"

Tattoo Jim said...

I do believe that the Liberals think it's a "compromise" as long as everyone else does it their way... Democrat = "if you keep throwing money at a problem it will go away"...