Saturday, August 20, 2011

Viva Mexifornia!

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A First Division Mexican soccer match was suspended Saturday after gunmen opened fire on police outside the stadium in the northern city of Torreon, causing players and referees to run for cover.
Local clubs Santos and Morelia were tied 0-0 at the 40-minute mark when the shots were heard inside the stadium.
Televised footage showed the players and referees dashing off the field to take cover inside the stadium. Santos' Argentine forward Emanuel Luduena ran with his child in his arms.
Fans, many with children, ducked for cover and hundreds ran onto the field to move away from the sound of the gunfire outside TSM stadium.
Torreon police and local soccer officials said the attack left one police officer injured, but no one was hurt inside the stadium.
Gunmen opened fire on a police patrol near the stadium, said Fernando Olivas, the regional delegate for Coahuila state's attorney general's office.
"The public security vehicle was attacked by unidentified gunmen outside TSM and the preliminary information we have is that one policeman was injured," Olivas told Milenio TV.
Santos team president Alejandro Irarragorri went to the center of the field, accompanied by goaltender Oswaldo Sanchez, to announce that the game had been suspended.
"In the Santos club, we feel bad for the time in which we are living. It is evident that the game will be suspended," Irarragorri told the crowd. "You can be assured that we will try to control these situations. We are sorry for Morelia, the referees and those who are visiting us from elsewhere."
It is the first premiere league game that has been canceled in Mexico because of drug violence, though last year a baseball game was suspended in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, because of a similar incident.
Police did not say who the gunmen were, but Torreon has recently been the scene of fighting between the powerful Sinaloa and Zetas drug cartels.
Torreon is located about 621 miles north of Mexico City in the border state of Coahuila.

And then.....
Caught this one a couple of hours after I posted the story above.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two men were shot and wounded in the parking lot of Candlestick Park after a preseason NFL game Saturday night between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, police said.
The shootings occurred shortly after the 49ers' 17-3 victory, police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said.
A 24-year-old man was treated at San Francisco General Hospital with life-threatening injuries, and a 20-year-old man was hospitalized and was expected to survive, Andraychack told The Associated Press. Their names have not been released.
Police Sgt. Frank Harrell that the 24-year-old man was wearing a T-shirt with a derogatory comment about the 49ers and was shot two to four times in the stomach, according to reports in the Oakland Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle. He drove his truck to a gate and stumbled to security, Harrell said.
The other victim was shot earlier and had superficial face injuries, Harrell said.
"We are treating it as separate shootings, but we believe they are related," Harrell told reporters outside the stadium.
Harrell said police took a man in a Raiders jersey off a party bus before it left the stadium and were calling him a suspect.
The suspect and the two victims had all attended the game, Harrell told the newspapers.
The 49ers issued a statement acknowledging the shootings and the investigation, but offering no further details.
There was at least one fight in the lower bowl of the stadium during the game, but it was no immediate indication that it was connected to the postgame shootings.
The violence was not the first involving a San Francisco sports team's game this year.
In March, San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was severely beaten by two men in Los Angeles Dodgers gear outside Dodger Stadium after the teams' season opener. He remains in San Francisco hospital with in serious condition with brain injuries. Two suspects have been charged in the case.

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dhanna59 said...

These shooters are nothing but narco's and gang bangers. When the "real" shooting starts, Entire police dept's, especially in small towns across this country will be taken out over night. And not by the above. It will come by trained, disciplined, organized and equipped men and women that will refuse the line in their AO's.
War is chaos and chaos will ensue. Experienced and committed soldiers to a common goal are trained in that condition from day one, that is why they cannot be easily defeated. The actual cost in lives and destruction to defeat
them will be a burden too great to bear and the enemy will collapse onto its rotten core...