Friday, September 09, 2011

7 Coyotes Killed in Broomfield Following Attacks

State wildlife officials have killed seven coyotes in Broomfield in the past two weeks following attacks on children.
The Boulder Daily Camera Saturday reports a total of nine coyotes have been killed since July. State Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill says wildlife officers will stop patrols and return if there are more reports of aggressive coyotes.
Recent attacks include boys ages 6 and 2 being bitten in separate incidents in July and August. Both were on walks with their father. A mother was able to scare away a coyote that threatened her 4-year-old boy who was playing in the front yard.
Broomfield officials are also trimming tall grass from along trails to remove hiding places and shooting coyotes with paintball guns to make them wary of human contact.
- Predator Xtreme

I'm assuming this is Colorado. And shooting them paintballs to make them wary of human contact? How about a 22-250 or a 12 gauge shotgun? That'll damn sure make the survivors wary of human contact.
Fuck, Colorado starting to sound like Kalifornia.


drjim said...

Would that 12 ga be loaded with 00 buck, or a 1 oz slug....?

wirecutter said...

OO or 4 buck, but there's a load and choke on the market called Ded Coyote. Heavier than lead and groups incredibly tight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is Colorado. Broomfield is near Denver. Democrat environs. :(

unclescott said...

most real Coloradoans agree...lead poisoning is the best remedy for coyotes and other vermin...we do have pockets of nancys in the big cities and Aspen, Boulder, and Telluride...guess we need a season on them
...gotta promote our local products too (lead), whoever heard of "Paintville"....