Saturday, September 03, 2011


I know it's been awhile since I mentioned CharlieGodammit and I've gotten several emails wondering if the rascal is still alive, so here's a few ramblings about him.

Every time CGD comes in from the back yard, he gets a doggie treat. Motherfucker loves his DTs. He charges through the kitchen and dining room, runs a counter clockwise circle in the living room and trots back to the kitchen where me or Lisa is getting him a DT out of the box. He then backs up about 2 feet without taking his eyes off us and sits right on his horse blanket. Same spot, every fucking time.
It took me a few minutes to figure out why the exact same spot every time, but then I realized that that was where I taught him to sit, rewarding him with DTs.  I know, what a silly fucker, huh?

He's been doing good. Healthy, happy and loving life. Him and Lisa get along famously, as a matter of fact we can't figure out who he's jealous of when we get affectionate and he forces his way in between us.
I don't have as much time or energy to get out and seriously rough-house with him lately, besides it's the middle of summer here in Stanislaus county and fucking hot although it's been a fairly mild summer so far, temps in the high 90s. But yeah, he's got a lot of energy lately and when he decides to ambush me, he bites fucking hard even though he's just playing. When he starts that shit, it's time to go to the dog park and let him play with all his doggie bros and burn off that rowdiness.
But I think he's finally reached his full growth, about 28 inches at the shoulder and about 120 pounds. And the funny thing is, the older he gets (he's about 3 now, near as I can tell), the more he acts like a dog and less like the wolf in him. He's calmed down considerably and is actually a pretty gentle wolfdog unless he gets excited, then he just forgets his own size and strength. And he hasn't gotten out to go fight the coyotes down at the creek in quite some time.
Motherfucker's at my feet right now demolishing a $7.00 rawhide bone as I'm typing this. That chew toy was as long as my forearm and almost as thick as my wrist and he'll have it completely devoured before I put him out for the night.

So yeah, he's doing good. I appreciate y'all asking about him and I'll try to post more about him.


drjim said...

Great to hear his doing fine, and he and Lisa get along well.
I was one of the people who was wondering how he was doing.
Enjoy the holiday, Ken!
I'll be working Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday,
Gotta pay my taxes so the 0Bummer can keep his welfare bros and hos in da hood happy!

davecydell said...

An Icon.

Deb said...

Yay CGD!!

He is NutJob's idol. Pffft. If she ever ran into CGD she'd be digging the deepest foxhole she could.

PISSED said...

Glad to hear the infamous CGD is well :) Since I'm a relative newbie here I had never seen his pic... He is a handsome devil now ain't he?

Give him a pat on the head for me :)

Bella said...

He's got a handsome face. Wish I could give him a smoooch! Can ya do that for me?

MammaJude said...

Have to admit, the story that got me hooked on your website was CGD and the can of coyote piss that you sprayed all over your yard. That was classic.

PS Fuck Obama