Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Find this kind of survey anywhere else.....

Okay, the post below got a few comments on dog meat and it got me to thinking:
What kind of unusual meats have you eaten?
Myself, I've eaten horse, possum, coon, rattler (tastes like a fucking snake, not chicken), snails, frog legs, eel, goat eyeballs, a sparrow I shot off the back fence when I was 8 and Dad made me clean and eat it, a bobcat steak that was absolutely fucking wonderful and last but not least, a big fucking cockroach on a bet once when I was drunk.
That's aside from your everyday fish & game that friends turn me on to.
Some of that shit may be normal to you in your neck of the woods but I can't count how many people damned near gag when you mention eating snails or a nice mess of legs.
Commet if you would, please and let us know what kind of shit you've gagged down, drunk or otherwise.