Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fuck The World

Man, talk about a fucked up day.
Short handed for the workload, a boss with his head up his ass and expecting me to perform miracles for him.
A 12 hour day with an hour each way adds up to 2 hours at home in my Camouflage Bass Pro Easy Chair before I have to go to bed so I can do it again tomorrow.
The high part of the day was right when I pulled into Modesto I was behind a pickup sporting a couple of peace signs and a bumper sticker that said "Animals are little people in fur coats".
A fucking hippie.......
So I whipped around her so she had to see my "Lanes' Predator Control - specializing in coyotes" sign on my tailgate.
It made my day when I saw the filthy look she shot me when she passed me up. Oh boy, did it make my day.


MrG's said...

I had a lot of problems before the 2010 midterm elections, on my Ranger I have assorted politically incorrect bumper stickers and other stickers that were not nice to the chicagomessiah. When I would go to the next county over from mine to visit my dad, the demographics are overwhelming subsaharan nubian american. they would see my assorted stickers, I would get the middle finger(I wave back and smile) to the ever popular speed up and try to brake check me. We are by far more tolerant than they are.

PISSED said...

I'm sure she might change her mind when the "Little Coyote person in a fur suit" EATS her "Little Cat person in a fur suit"...maybe you should trap one and drop it off at her house?

Lisa said...

Many times it is the little things in life that give us joy. I am sure that wrecked her day. She probably had to go call all her hairy vegan friends to tell them about the trauma she suffered on the highway.
Keep up the good work!!!!

rpm2day said...

Ah yes, the little thigs in life that make it all worthwhile!
I like to mess with those smug folks driving Priuses in my 13mpg 4x4.

Anonymous said...

She could enjoy herself by playing with a couple of grizzly bear cubs.
Paul in Texas