Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Bob said...

Ya think maybe when two black midgets get in a fight they call each other picaninnies?

Mizz Anonymous said...

Found on the blogs.

Knuckledraggin my Life Away = Racist Website

Orignally posted April 16, 2011

If you ever needed an example of retarded rednecks running a website, check out this retarded racist fuck.

Never have I’ve seen (Yes, I have) such hatred of ANY president like with President Obama from a bunch as KKK loving scumbags. Leave it to this racist fucktard to act like he speaks for the American people, and leave it his fellow retarded readers to think he should be on T.V.

“Tom said…

Wirecutter, you’d have to be on cable… Your “colorful” language is real (and usually appropriate!), but I don’t think any of the normal outlets would touch it.”

Hey, Tom. Name one person who famous for talking like a retarded drunken boob. Mr. Wirecutter can be the first!

I know I shouldn’t talk since I use coarse language, but look at what this racist fuck-tard wrote.

“You sorry motherfucker.
I’ve worked my ass off my entire adult life. I’ve served my country and will gladly do so again if asked. I have drawn exactly ONE unemployment check in my life.
I will fucking starve before asking for your help and yet you have the fucking audacity to say we must live within our means?”

Hey, Wirecutter, you kiss your mother with that mouth? You racist piece of shit. Ever since President Obama was elected, you and your racist/bigoted followers have managed to make America as stupid and retarded as you. After all, what have YOU have to offer to fix this country besides getting rid of the black man? Donald Trump? Are you that desperate?

All you’ve done is lie, cheat, character assassinate, and dirty up our country with your cesspool of hatred. You and your retarded racist commentators. You got a problem with that, Wirecutter?

“davecydell – That’s what I’m saying. I can’t understand why I don’t have my own motherfucking radio show making big bucks on NPR or Fox or something.”

Maybe because you deserve to have one, you stupid ass. To maintain a good radio or television show, you need to have a function brain, common sense, and a thought of how the government policies work. And judging by that piece of shit retarded article you wrote, you don’t have ANY of those things, and you don’t deserve them. Disgusting pieces of crap like you don’t deserve them.

Update: He’s still a disgusting racist piece of crap, a racist, and a liar to boot!

Blue said...

good one!

wirecutter said...

Me and the black racist fuck have tangled before.

PISSED said...

When I sent this to you I figured the short people would be bitchen at ya. There is nothing racist in that picture :)

Skip said...

Fuck Kenny, I so love this zoo.
I would love to look over your shoulder at your email/comments.
The fucktards that get bent over anything against their porchmonkey is amazing.

wirecutter said...

Irish: Fuck short people. I can say that in clear conscience because they're used to being fucked with.

wirecutter said...

Skip, I publish damned near every comment I get here except for the asshole that spoke ill of Jeff Davis and Robert E. Lee.
Most of my shitty emails I send a snappy reply and 99% of the time I get it back as an invalid address, the fucking cowards.
But yeah, I'm glad you enjoy your visits.
Fuck Obama.

dhanna59 said...

Hey them ain't pygmies! Don't you know they used they elementary school milk money to buy weed! Dat's why dey so damm short! Fo shizzle! Da hood full'a dem lil mofo's!