Saturday, September 24, 2011

How fucked up do you have to be to hit a cow?

LA JARA - The Colorado State Patrol says a man riding a motorcycle may have been drunk when he crashed into a cow Friday evening.
Troopers responded to the intersection of Conejos County Road 13 and Country Road U about 15 miles southwest of Alamosa around 5:30 p.m. and found a motorcyclist down with a cut on his head.
State Patrol says the man was taken to a local hospital where they determined he may have a fractured skull. He was then airlifted to Swedish Hospital in Denver.
The crash is under investigation and the driver may be cited.
No word on the condition of the cow.

- Stevienatt


PISSED said...

Did Michelle dent the motorcycle?

GeekBilly! said...

Back some 20 years ago while I was a volunteer firefighter, we got paged out to a person hit by a car. I was the second firefighter on the scene and what I saw upon arriving was an obviously drunk lady hysterically sobbing that she didn't mean to hit that fat black lady walking down the road (she had been the one to call 911. The other firefighter was trying to keep from laughing while he was trying his best to attend to the lady's minor injuries. He told me the other victim was in form of the car and didn't make it. I walked around to the front and found a effing cow. Her fat black lady was a effing milk cow from old man Boss's Dairy!