Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lock me in this damned car, will you?


AlanD said...

Judging by the car and the dog I am seriously hoping it is actually a democrat reaping the rewards!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit!

Howie Honky said...

My cousin used to do that when Uncle Bill made him wait in the truck.

Of course, him bein' thirty two and all, it was a little messier.

dhanna59 said...

Hey Ken, Off the subject kinda but still thinkin about little pussies, what's the status on your nephew that's in Infantry OSUT?
If he made it by now then HOOOAH!, give me his address for to send pogey bait and encouragement! I will!
If not, my condolences, must've hurt you and Pops down to the bone, I'm hopin for the best!..D.