Saturday, September 03, 2011

Open up! It's the APPLE cops!

San Francisco (CNN) -- Police officials said they helped Apple investigators, who searched a man's home here recently.
They were reportedly looking for a prototype of the next iPhone that an Apple employee left in a bar in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, according to CNET.  Apple had contacted the police claiming the prototype is invaluable, the report says.
Four San Francisco Police officers escorted Apple investigators to a home in the city's Bernal Heights neighborhood, the statement said. The two Apple employees searched the home while the officers waited outside, police said. They did not find the item there and declined to file a police report, according to the statement.
An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

A city police official declined to comment to CNN and referred reporters to the news release. Earlier this week, officials said they had no record of an investigation.


What the fuck is this? APPLE has the right to search a private citizens' home with the cops blessing? And when they were done, they declined to file a police report? So they just waltzed into the cop shop and told the law that they needed to search this guys' house, no complaint but they just wanted to have a look around?
Come to my house and try that shit, motherfuckers.


Brian said...

Kenny...I think this is old news. The new Iphone...over a year ago was left in a bar and somebody nabbed it. There was some back and forth, negotiations, and essentially blackmail on the part of whoever had it. That's what led to all of that other BS. I can't imagine this happened again...recently.

wirecutter said...

Got it off the Yahoo news this morning. I do remember the incident you're talking about and that was my first thought too.

Glenn B said...

Well, you had me thinking there was a major violation of the Constitution here but the CNET article says the guy's house was searched by police after he gave them permission to do so. "The man gave police permission to search the house, and they found nothing, the source said." That permission thing kind of gives the cops the green light to search unless you revoke it. Hell, I am an LEO and it would be only under extremely unusual circumstances that I would ever give the police permission to enter my home beyond my vestibule let alone permission to search my home.

All the best,
Glenn B

wirecutter said...

It's one thing to give the law permission to search, but to allow a private company to search even in the presence of LEO is another.

wirecutter said...

I mean, what was the occupant thinking?

Brian said...

Holy shit...I am lmao. It happened again. These fucking Apple guys ought to stay away from bars. That is some seriously funny shit. Weird.