Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our "Federal Family"?

Here's an email I got from Deb over at Debbie Does Drivel ( today.

Hey Ken -
Have you heard about Gibson guitars, the raid on their facility by our "Federal Family" (WTF? Now they're our "family"? ) for using wood from India that was not finished by Indian labor per some Indian whacked out Indian law, and then told by the Obama administration in writing that if Gibson agreed to use Madagascar labor rather than US labor, their problems would "go away"?
CHRIS DANIEL: Mr. Juszkiewicz, did an agent of the US government suggest to you that your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of American labor?
HENRY JUSZKIEWICZ (Gibson guitar CEO): They actually wrote that in a pleading.
CHRIS DANIEL: Excuse me?
HENRY JUSKIEWICZ: They actually wrote that it a pleading.
CHRIS DANIEL: That your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of our labor?
HENRY JUSKIEWICZ: Yes. They said that explicitly.
I can't write about this stuff on my blog. It just makes me want to move to Switzerland to live on an alp in a yurt. I know you can do it justice and get the right readers to get PO'd. I'd just get a bunch of tweens texting me that gee tars are kewl.  
Jesus H. Christ.

Is it just me or does it sound like somebody is using the color of authority to push jobs overseas?
My first thought was "why in the fuck would the feds do that?" and then I remembered the Obamesssiahs' trip to India to promote jobs there.
Fuck Obama
Fuck Holder
Fuck the feds