Monday, September 26, 2011

Par-tay time!!!


Bella said...

I'm seeing a lot of improvements around this place. Not a bad picture, either. It made me laugh. A picture now and then for "The Ladies" wouldn't fucken hurt, would it? ;)

By the way, I'm missing the pics with the weird ass folks wearing dumbass shit. I very seldom get to witness anything like that around here. Thank You in advance.

Howie Honky said...

@ BELLA - you mean you don't have a Wal Mart in your area?

BTW - if this is a bridal / bachelorette party, this gal is gonna be a little disappointed on wedding night.
Reminds me of a sex-ed class put on by those degenerate bastards at PP, in public schools some years ago.

They had these 8th grade girls practicing putting a condom on a banana!!! And thinking back to my youth, I could only think, those poor boys in the class didn't already have enough struggles with 'size concerns', now their girlfriends are gonna expect banana sized members. Talk about a fukkin letdown!

Bella said...

@ Howie Honky.

Yup, we have a Wally's World here but I ain't never seen shit like that before. The northern rednecks would kick the shit outta some of them folk. Some of them are funny, some scary.