Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Poll: Many Americans uncomfortable with Muslims

A whole shitload of goatfuckers praying for our demise

Washington (CNN) – Ten years after 9/11, Americans are wrestling with their opinions of Muslims, a new survey found, and where Americans get their TV news is playing a role in those opinions.
Nearly half of Americans would be uncomfortable with a woman wearing a burqa, a mosque being built in their neighborhood or Muslim men praying at an airport. Forty-one percent would be uncomfortable if a teacher at the elementary school in their community were Muslim.
Forty-seven percent of survey respondents said the values of Islam are at odds with American values.
Check out the rest of this here at CNN, your source of liberal bullshit


Well, no shit Americans are uncomfortable with muslims...... Not only do they fuck goats and children, but they try to kill us Infidels every chance they get.
They're just a nasty, disagreeable people.


Anonymous said...

I am not uncomfortable with muslims.
I despise muslims, and their sick evil religion.
Paul in Texas

rpm2day said...

I'm not "wrestling" with my opinion of muslimes. I have a pretty good grasp on my opinion and it ain't flattering.

Stinkwilly said...

I'm not uncomfortable with muslim goat fuckers at all. One stopped me the other day and asked where he could find a local grocery store.....I told him go to the next traffic light, turn left and go straight ahead for about four thousand miles and he'd have no problem. I swear the cocksucker looked just like al zawahiri. Little did this bearded fuck know that, while I was talking, I flipped the saftey off and had my finger right along side the trigger in my pocket. One false move and he'd been on his way to meet up with one of his 72 black eyed virgins. He just mumbled some shit, turned around and headed on down the sidewalk. Fuck him and obama.

orbitup said...

Fuckin mooncrickets.

Skip said...

Sandniggers. Fuck'em.
Waitin' for open season here Boss.

drjim said...

Every time we hear them scream "jihad" I say we should scream back even louder "CRUSADE"!

MrG's said...

Every time I see one with their burka covered wife at the amusement park or what have you, I wonder where their true lies...with America or the place they came from. Will they be willing to live here as Americans or wish to impose sharia law on us. Will they support a jihad against us or will they be lawful citizens and stop it. I have doubts.

davidc said...

Those asslifters are polluting the air with their goat farts.

Babs Streisand said...

Now that there picture is what we used to call 'target rich environment'.
And what could a HumVee or even a good 4wd pickup do in that area?