Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Wirecutters' Movie Review

Saw "Taking Chance" with Kevin Bacon (Bacon. Mmmmm..... wait, that sounds gay) playing a Marine Officer that volunteers to escort a hometown Marine Killed In Action back to his family.
The movie shows the respect given by folks all along the journey, and I gotta say, I would like to think that's the way it is, but knowing people.......
No car chases, no shooting, no dogs, nobody died. But it was a pretty good movie in spite of that. Made Lisa cry.


Steve in Delray said...

Who played the parts of the protesting Westboro Baptist Terrorists?

Lisa said...

It was a good movie Kem..I am glad you lked it.

dhanna59 said...

Hey Wirecutter,
I spent four months as an NCOIC of one of three Funeral Details for the entire state of Tennessee and the lower seven counties of Kentucky in 2001.
Let me tell you, I never in my life was prepared for the full spectrum of human family reactions...I won't go into specifics here but I will say one thing; family is strange, no matter how much they loved or hated one another,blood kin is funny in a unfunny way. I drank whiskey with some, cried like a baby with some, got out of the way of fistfights over the flag with others, and left in a hurry with a few cause I wasn't the right color.
Except for mortal combat and my wife tellin me I never came home from Iraq, nothing has ever affected me as profoundly as those four months in the extreme of human experience. I think it will stay with me to the grave.