Saturday, September 03, 2011

You can only be pushed so far before you push back

LONDON (AP) — Far-right protesters have clashed with London police during a demonstration held despite a ban on marches in six parts of Britain's capital.
Home Secretary Theresa May imposed the 30-day ban late last month over fears of unrest at a march planned by the English Defense League on Saturday.
But hundreds of members went ahead with a so-called "static demonstration" in the Tower Hamlets area.
Some threw bottles and scuffled with police officers surrounding them to keep control.
The English Defense League insists it is a peaceful organization opposing Islamist extremism. But its past protests have often resulted in violence.
Police have been on high alert since a wave of looting and street violence shook London and other major cities in early August.

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Anoun Amouse said...

Common-sense in Britain is on life support, but not dead yet.