Sunday, September 11, 2011

You remember the attack? I remember the reason.

On this day millions of Americans are remembering an event that happened 10 years ago.
They're remembering an event but they've forgotten the reason for this day.
It wasn't an organization that attacked us, it was a so-called religion. They didn't attack us to accomplish a short term goal, they attacked us because of who were are.

What is especially disgusting is the fact that people that don't understand islam think that if we give in to their demands, the attacks will stop. Our government is so afraid of "offending" these people that are stuck in the 7th century that they've began repressing us with unreasonable and intrusive searches at airports, an erosion of our civil rights, and constant survelliance while apologizing and exempting the class of people that were responsible for these actions.

Go ahead, Americans. Remember this event and the innocent people that died, but do their memory justice: Remember why this event happened - because their god commands them to kill unbelievers, among others - and remember the people resonsible.