Monday, October 31, 2011

All in all, a rather boring evening.

I think I mentioned earlier that Lisa had noticed that folks walking down the sidewalk always crossed the street before they got to my house. She thought it was funny and was wondering what she had got herself into.
That ain't shit. Tonight we had our porch light on and the door and blinds open, and folks were walking past our house without stopping to trick or treat.
Oh, there's been a few brave souls - my psycho neighbor Bruces' grandkids and 3 sets of young parents with their toddlers. They must be new to the neighborhood.
Lisa's beginning to suspect it may have something to do with a suggestion I made earlier this afternoon about letting CharlieGodammit answer the door.
"Oh hell no, those youngsters will be pissing and shitting everywhere when he bounces off the security door" she said, rather vehemently in my opinion.
"It'll be funnier than shit, though. Seriously. Let's go for it, just once. The first one will have us laughing so hard we won't have to do another one. We'll film it, okay?"
She walked away with an armful of laundry muttering something about not wanting to scrub the porch down or something along those lines, the spoilsport.
Hell, you should have seen it last year when he was only about 60 or 70 pounds. There was widespread panic then, can you imagine it now that he's reached (I hope) his full growth?

The little bastards are coming out of the woodwork now. Maybe they're bussing in from poor(er) neighborhoods. I have seen a few that look like they belong in a trailer park.
Time to bring in the fucking dog.......