Friday, October 28, 2011

And the truth comes out, Scottie.

Saw this over at Texas Freds' blog and followed the comments and links and found this over at Verum Serum.
Fucking asshole.

Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of

Scott Olsen is the Marine Corps veteran critically injured at Occupy Oakland Tuesday night, during a confrontation between the protesters and the police. The latest news is good: his condition has been upgraded from critical to fair and he is apparently conscious and able to respond to doctors and family members. I sincerely wish him a full recovery, and I also hope that a proper investigation is conducted to determine whether police misconduct is responsible for his injuries.
But I ran across something this evening that may add a new dimension to this story. It has been widely reported that Olsen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. But apparently his opposition to the U.S. military and the Marine Corps in which he served runs a little deeper.
The site is no longer live, but Olsen was the founder of, a private user forum apparently dedicated to bashing the Marine Corps.
A Scott Olsen is listed as the registered owner of this domain, and I was able to confirm that this is indeed the same Scott Olsen based on a user profile on the fundraising site

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Jay Man said...

If you want a sort of running account - updates, go to this excellent mil blog and scroll down - older posts are near halfway down the page.

And you get to see this asshole, who should have been hanged for treason, and his drag queen date, flipping the bird to the camera. Makes me wanna re-up right away.Except I'm about 50 years too old now.