Friday, October 21, 2011

Asshole Baby - Blog of the Day

Hey, y'all want to read some funny shit, go over to Asshole Baby and check out what Phil has to say about being a new father. It's fucking hilarious.
Somehow D, you come to mind when I read this shit........

Here's a sample:
I just did some quick math, and by my estimates, I have taken 15,056.25 shits in my lifetime (Don't even act like you don't know where the .25 came from).
Anyways, out of that enormous number, I can not think of one time where I managed to shit inside my own belly button. So imagine my thoughts when I saw this spectacle yesterday. It is almost physically impossible to shit inside your own bellybutton, but she managed to do it in, ill guess shit number 41. Asshole thing to do in my opinion. This isn't 'Nam. There are rules.

He's only been going since 11 October and has just a couple of pages up but I already put him on my blogroll and signed on as a follower.
Check it out at


Skip said...

I fucking cracked up. Jeebus, I been there and got the shirt....with puke down the back.

dhanna59 said...

Uncle Kenny, I don't understand how you could associate that site with me,(except for the vagina janitor part, I had two girls)I'm really good with kids. That's why babies don't have tails. You can't grab 'em up swinging and smack their skull on the nearest hard surface!