Friday, October 07, 2011

Back when I was single......

Okay, this photo was obviously posed.
Until recently, I have rarely seen the top of my table. It was usually covered in bills (aka unopened mail) gun cleaning materials, maybe a fishing reel that I took apart and couldn't quite get it back together right, 4 or 5 reloading manuals and sometimes an Evil Cat.
But yeah, things look a little different since Lisa moved in - a table cloth, candles around when there's no danger of a power outage, funny smelling soaps (plural, more than one) and an assortment of oddly shaped towels in the bathroom that I better keep my grubby hands off of, pillows that we take off the bed before we retire for the evening, and flowers on the table instead of my 22-250.
But the decor for the most part hasn't changed. My barbed wire displays are still up, 3 or 4 cowboy hats scattered around the house, my Camouflaged Bass Pro Easy Chair is still in the living room, and my books are still in the shelves. The essentials - my Git Kit and coyote trappins - are still in the living room piled in the corner next to the safe ready to grab and go, and CharlieGodammit is at my feet destroying yet another rawhide bone.
I am however grumbling about having to clean my firearms and fish outside.