Friday, October 07, 2011

Back when I was single......

Okay, this photo was obviously posed.
Until recently, I have rarely seen the top of my table. It was usually covered in bills (aka unopened mail) gun cleaning materials, maybe a fishing reel that I took apart and couldn't quite get it back together right, 4 or 5 reloading manuals and sometimes an Evil Cat.
But yeah, things look a little different since Lisa moved in - a table cloth, candles around when there's no danger of a power outage, funny smelling soaps (plural, more than one) and an assortment of oddly shaped towels in the bathroom that I better keep my grubby hands off of, pillows that we take off the bed before we retire for the evening, and flowers on the table instead of my 22-250.
But the decor for the most part hasn't changed. My barbed wire displays are still up, 3 or 4 cowboy hats scattered around the house, my Camouflaged Bass Pro Easy Chair is still in the living room, and my books are still in the shelves. The essentials - my Git Kit and coyote trappins - are still in the living room piled in the corner next to the safe ready to grab and go, and CharlieGodammit is at my feet destroying yet another rawhide bone.
I am however grumbling about having to clean my firearms and fish outside.



The weird towel thing, Kenny--aka, the ones that a just fer lookin at--only a woman would think of that.
But the table does look nice.

wirecutter said...

My table or the way she does it up?

MSgt said...

For some reason, my old lady puts the "no touch" pillows on the couch.
I got nagged just the other day for actually putting one on the arm of the couch AND LEANING ON IT!

WTF? You'd think she caught me humping the dog or something.

(No, you sick fucker. That was just an example.)

drjim said...

Yeah, I went through some "changes", too, when I moved in here with my lady before we got married. mean I have to keep my stuff in an "orderly mess" now?
It's worth it, buddy, no matter how much we bitch about it!
Oh, one "change" I was able to get *her* to make. The garage is no longer a storage space for useless shit! We either put it up in the rafters if it might still be usable, give it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or put it out by the curb for whoever wants it.
Now I finally have a decent place for my drill press, bench grinder and vise, and both my tool boxes.
She used to crack up about my big roller being in my kitchen!

Michael said...

Thank you, I have had a pretty shitty week and a few posts down on your site put a smile on my face. Take care and it is good to see you (and CGD) are doing well.

Tattoo Jim said...

Sounds like you've got "it" bad Kenny... and that's a good thing!

Swamp Dog said...

Ah well, you give a little, you get a little. Know what I mean????

Bella said...

Just maybe, Lisa can put the man back in manners.....hahahahaha

Good on ya my friends.