Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

We went out to Denair this morning and bought a shitload of pig meat. Lisa had spotted bulk packages advertised in the paper, mix & matches of meats, different weights, that sort of thing. So we loaded up the truck and headed out to Denair, about 20 miles south of here, and ordered up their $50 Piggy Package.
It was cool, an old fashioned market with a genuine meat counter, no pre-packaged meat here. We ended up with 20 pounds of pork (4 pounds of bad-ass bacon and 4 pounds of sausage), and we also scored a couple of chickens and  5 pounds of ground beef. All that along with other stuff we bought while we were there came to about 90 bucks.
So with that and the beef already in the freezer, we're good on meat for another month.


Bella said...

I just did the same thing. Must be fall when we feel like we have to stock up the larder. Freezers full, garden is harvested and frozen, moose heart and liver has been cleaned and frozen. Just have to make a vat of s'getti, chili, beef stew and cabbage rolls and I won't have to cook for a month.

I bought the variety pack at my local butcher and couldn't be more pleased. A little bit of everything so you don't get fed up with one thing.

***note to self - need more bacon

boilerdoc said...

suck it Peta!

Bella said...