Friday, October 14, 2011

Brians' views on the Conservative candidates

There comes a time when you back up and regroup. Politically that seems to be expedient, Romney was never top of my list, not once, Bachmann, well let us just say, not gonna happen. Perry? Well, on paper he might be a good candidate but his fumble in debates can not be dismissed. Cain? Herman Cain? At first I was suspect, now I cast a jaundiced eye.
Thing is, after a few debates and listening to his speeches I am becoming a fan, yeah yeah I know, a bit early to pick a horse in this race, but come on, this is a race of cripples, (no offense mean,t I am 90% disabled myself) they all have problems. Thing is Politics aside, the fate of OUR Country comes into play and for the life of me I can not figure out why Romney, Bachmann and Perry need to be running, according to their platforms and their debates the current crisis is just an easy fix - all we have to do is elect them, They say we need Leadership. Therein lies the problem, I say we need Representatives. Not leaders,
We The People are the leaders and they are supposed to "Represent Us". I do not think I am wrong about this, read the "Federalist Papers" or read the Constitution, both will show you a new light on what we are seeing.
Right now, Herman Cain is the only person I see that has embraced what our Founding Fathers put all their money and and blood into, and some, if you actually know history gave their life for it.
How many today would stand so firm, stand so fast that life is worth their liberty?
Few if any. Well OK, a few, there is a few core Americans that abide by and embrace Liberty Or Death. I think you will find they are also the ones that put on the uniform and fight or fought for Liberty.
To sum it up. Out of the field of so called Republican Candidates my belief is Herman Cain is a patriot and the others only wear a badge saying that.
Thanks for sending this to me, Brian.
Anybody got any thoughts on this? Be nice if you disagree, respect the mans' right to his own views. 


Brian said...

Not sure which Brian you are referring to but...

I am pretty sure my top two guys, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, don't have a snowball's chance in hell and even though Cain is a fucking FED supporter..I stumbled onto this piece.

Funny stuff... because Obama is half white and half black, people supporting Cain can call Obama supporters thats some funny shit.

TotC said...

It's like pickin the best turd out of the yard. They all smell, they're squishy, and you don't wanna touch em'. But if you don't the vet can't diagnose for the democratic heart worms your dog might have.

AlanD said...

At first I dismissed this man based on his lack of recognition. I then began watching the debates and when asked a question about which government agency to abolish first we simultaneously answered the EPA!

Since sitting up in my chair from this I have become more impressed with him. His 9-9-9 plan has problems although I see no better being brought forward. He is lacking in foreign policy but I doubt he will apologize to the world and coddle the muzzies as our current POTUS has.

It is still early however he has become the front runner for me and others I have talked to.

wirecutter said...

Brian, that was sent in from Brian from Florida, a regular reeader and commenter.

Brian From Florida said...

Thanks for posting that Wirecutter. Sorry I should have signed it "Brian from Florida" instead of Brian. Sorry Brian for any confusion.

Brian said...

no prob...nothing but love on kenny's blog...well except...

fuck obama

Skip said...

Cain at this point in time.
Anything he does will be better than than that shit in there now.
Mitt is punk gun grabber, Romnycare pro polition.
Look how fucked up Mass. is.
Fuck Obama

And Kenny, we need more camel toes.

MrG's said...

If Rommney gets the GOP nod, Obungler will get 4 more years. We do not need any more professional politicians.