Friday, October 21, 2011

CharlieGodammits' new ride

Came across an opportunity a while back to buy an 87 Bronco for a song. It needed some work so I had it towed home and for little more than a couple of used tires for the front, a brand new monster battery and a new fuel pump, that motherfucker is ready for the road.
Lisa needed a ride and we got this to fill in til she could get herself something a little more suitable. But it runs great and my favorite thing about it? You can't help but get that "Fuck Obama, I Get 12 Miles To The Gallon" feeling when you're driving it. Maybe I should have a bumper sticker made.....
I had it smogged today (I know, I was surprised too when it passed) and have an appointment Monday to register it.
The biggest problem was the fuel pump, it's electrical and frame mounted and the brackets were all rusted to the frame, so that took some time.
Next on the list is a decent set of shoes and a cheapo paint job.

What I really really really like about it is that when Lisa does get another vehicle, this is going to be my hunting/fishing/fucking off truck, heh heh heh........