Sunday, October 02, 2011

CharlieGodammits' play date

One of the women that lives up the street stopped and introduced herself. I had seen her around over the years, even talked with her once when me and CharlieGodammit was coming back from the liquor store one night, but we didn't really know each other.
But tonight she stopped, introduced herself and we started talking about the dogs and next thing we know, she's headed home to get her dog so him and CGD can play.
That was fucking weird.
I was worried about how CGD was going to react having a male dog in his yard but after the intial "Fuck you, this is my sandbox", they got along fine.

First the dick sniffing:

After that, the shit was on.
Finally, after they ran themselves ragged CharlieGodammit and Luke decided to take a break and grab a cold one.


Deb said...

First it's doggie play dates. Next you'll be carrying a man purse (filled with dog treats, ammo and a gun or two I'm sure).

I'm worried about you.

The Old Man said...

Shoot. CGD probably had more clean fun during the "play date" than y'all let him have in a month. He purely enjoyed that - and would thank you verbally if he could. Son brought up his two dogs for the first time last weekend, and they almost tuckered my puglet out.... But pups need pups.