Monday, October 24, 2011


I finally got that damned Bronco up, running and registered.
Actually, it wasn't that big a deal, it just needed a few things. So I went down to the DMV in Turlock this morning and had it tagged, then swung by and picked up Lisa, then went and filled the tank for the very first time to the tune of $93.50 which means that the tank of gas cost me $6.50 less than the truck did.
Then we went to the car wash, burning approximately a quarter of a tank to get there at 12 mpg. Hell, I think it takes a gallon just to start it.

But you can tell by the pics that I'm already making plans to steal it for my Coyotemobile, huh?

But basically all I need to do to it is get the spare tire rack back on it, paint it, and mount some decent off-road tires.
I was thinking about a tan paint job (to hide the dust better) but Lisa pointed out that it has a blue interior and therefore blue is the color it needs to be. Fuck, I didn't even notice what color it was inside.
Whattya think, guys? Tan or blue? Or maybe the same paint scheme?