Friday, October 28, 2011

"Haftin' to be uproared"? Are you serious?

Submitted by Skidmark


PISSED said...

just... wow.

Deb said...

Damn that Homeland Security for stopping this poor woman from getting a job. That's OK, I don't mind continuing to pay into her food stamps, welfare benefits, disability, so she can avoid "the sphere factor". Maybe that plastic bag around her neck was over her head for a bit too long.

rpm2day said...

How can you stay focused? You can't but I can. Run about 300 yards away straight across that field, mind ya don't look back y'all, and I'll end all of your problems.
Fuckin' dreg.

Tattoo Jim said...

If this wasn't so plainly pathetic... if this wasn't the current direction of the U.S.A... if this wasn't so heartbreakingly sad for this once great country... it might just be funny!
Welcome to our future!!!

da_truth36 said...

What the hell did she say? Seriously, I couldn't make any sense of that rambling speech whatsoever. Reminds me of any time her Messiah Obammy gives a speech without his teleprompter.