Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm coming clean for y'all

It was pointed out to me that I must be putting on airs because in the post yesterday about my car kit, I took the pictures on the rear of the truck which was fairly clean.
Well, nobody can accuse me of trying to impress anybody. Of course I took the fucking pictures where it was clean - I was out there to take pictures, not clean the bed of my truck. Jeez.....
Besides, all the stuff in my truck is important or it wouldn't be there.

There's a jug of water for CharlieGodammit, his stay-the-fuck-in-the-truck chain, my comealong, a length of chain, an e-tool, a crawdad net and a target board.
The funny thing about all that riding right up against the cab is that it keeps CGD on his toes when he's in the back. He's more nimble than he looks.