Thursday, October 06, 2011

Liar Liar pants on fire!

BOSTON (CBS) — President Obama used the story of a Boston teacher to push his jobs bill Thursday, even though the teacher has a job.
At the beginning of his White House news conference, President Obama told a story of how he recently met Robert Baroz of Wellesley, an English teacher in the city.
“I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz. He’s an English teacher in Boston who came to the White House a few weeks ago. He’s got two decades of teaching experience. He’s got a Master’s Degree. He’s got an outstanding track record of helping his students make huge gains in reading and writing,” the president said.
“In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts. Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching our kids?”
But, Baroz is working in the Boston Public Schools this year as a middle school English teacher.
On the D.O.E.’s web site, he writes that he’s also employed part-time as an English instructor at Mass Bay Community College.
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drjim said...

Lies, lies, and more lies.
We NEED to get this fuckhead out of office!
But then you already know that!

Stinkwilly said...

I know that is not a tear streaking down his ugly ass face. he's so full of shit that it's leaking from his eyes.