Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lock and Load

HOLY SMOKE, LLC. (Out of Alabama)
After your loved ones die and are cremated, you have the option of shipping their ashes to Holy Smoke, LLC. The ashes are packed into 250 shotgun shells of ammunition. If you prefer rifle or pistol ammunition, this can be accommodated as well. The cost of the procedure is $850 and takes about 48 hours to complete.
The founders came up with the idea while they were on a hunting trip together. Their conversation drifted to how they would like to be buried when they died. They both agreed they didn’t want to be buried. Instead, they would like to be hunting somehow when one of them said their ashes should be put into ammunition and fired off as a final round, or 250 as it turns out.

- Yolo


850 Bucks! Are you fucking kidding me?
Let's see, total cost of produced handgun rounds +/- a couple of hours at my Rockchucker = I'm in the wrong line of work.


Oswald Bastable said...

I should offer the same service with the club cannon.

A bottle of decent whiskey should cover my expenses!

Mr. Miracle said...

Cool! Talk about going out with a BANG! "cue the rim shot" thanks, I'll be here all week, try the roast pork, Fuck Obama and all his ilk.

Skip said...

Fuck dat.
I told the ol' lady to just put me out on the curb on Tuesday.