Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smart, too!

Me and Lisa were eating the other night when my psycho neighbors' grandkid started squalling. I swear to coyotes that kid has the loudest fucking mouth I have ever heard. And he's too young to talk so he's just screaming for screamings' sake.
I put up with it for about 2.3 seconds before I looked up and said "I'm fixing to get up and shove a Jolly Rancher in his mouth. Maybe we'll get lucky and the little bastard will choke on it and die."
Lisa laughed and said "You know what the scary part is? There was absolutely no interruption in your thought process just now."
No, the scary part is her realizing there was no interruption in my thought process. She knows me better than I thought.



drjim said...

Dogs are like kids in a way. If you raise them right, they turn out good. I know you raised CGD good!
We have two Pit Bulls. They make a lot of noise when people come to the door, but if they see *we* know the people, as soon as the people are in the house they just about get licked to death, and the tails are wagging hard enough to about knock you down!
And I never thought an 85 pound dog could be a lap dog, but the big one sure wants to be. Then the "little" one (only 75 pounds) sees the big one up on the couch with me, and _she_ has to (try) and climb up in my lap.
And yet as friendly and loyal as they are _to us_, I would NOT want to be somebody who breaks into the house at 3am.
I don't think they'd be much left by the time the cops got there.....

dhanna59 said...

Kids are not like dogs and cats. You can't let them out somewhere on a lonely gravel road or put them in a sack and beat them in the head with a claw hammer...Why, you say? Because you'll get caught, that's why!

Bella said...

Good on ya Kenny and Lisa. It is what you make it. kisses