Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sock mystery solved, Sasquatch next

Let me start this off by explaining that I don't wear bargain flea market socks. My work socks run anywhere from $4-$8 a pair. Seriously, I got no problem wearing a raggedy-ass pair of Wranglers and a $2 thrift store t-shirt to work (see the picture in the post from last night) but I need- want- gotta have my soft socks. I work on my feet all day and that's the one creature comfort (aside from my Camouflage Bass Pro Easy Chair) that I insist on. Comfort for my feet during the day and comfort for my back in the evening.
Anyways, I had a fucking pile of work socks when Lisa moved in but the other day I noticed that I had about half of what I used to have. Now there's normal attrition from them wearing out or CharlieGodammit occasionally snatching one for his entertainment, but this was ridiculous. I must be missing 10 or 12 pairs and I know I ain't wearing them out that fast and I'm not finding them in CGDs' yard. Lisa does laundry every couple of days, so they're not sitting in the hamper, so what in the fuck is that woman doing with them? Is she putting them in a different spot without telling me?
Then last night I took my boots and socks off when I came in from work and headed back to the mud porch to put them in the hamper while carrying on a conversation with my sweetie. I walked back, opened up the garbage can lid and flipped them inside and got 2 steps away before I realized what I did.
Now I'm wondering how many homeless people are wandering around wearing socks that are more expensive than everything else they have on..........


PISSED said...

When your done figuring out the sasquatch mystery, maybe you can figure out some stuff about her husband... ;)

Anonymous said...

Damn!! It's hell getting old, huh? You have a lot to look forward to.

Bella said...

Slipping a gear Mr. Wirecutter! Happens to the best of us. ;)

Ah fuck i can't remember what else i was gonna say