Monday, October 24, 2011

Sonoma County Kalifornia now accepts mexican IDs.

In Sonoma County, a California driver's license is accepted as valid identification -- but so is a card issued by the Mexican consulate.
Mexican nationals will be able to give their country's state-issued identification cards as valid ID to Santa Rosa police officers and Sonoma County sheriffs, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.
The idea is to reduce the immigration-related duties of local cops, the newspaper reported. Accepting Mexican consulate-issued cards will reduce the number of people booked into jail for lacking ID, and ergo, will reduce deportations from Santa Rosa County Jail, the newspaper reported.
"Today is a great day," Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Lorenzo Dueñas said. "We're now going to accept the matriculár consular ID."


Just a couple of snide remarks:
#1 How is it going to reduce there immigration-related duties? They don't have ANY immigration-related duties, thanks to our public servants.
And #2 I bet Mr Lorenzo Duenas does think today is a great day. It probably gives him an excuse to not arrest his brother and sister and aunts and uncle now, not to mention mama and papa.

Fuck, I have never in my entire life seen so much effort put into NOT enforcing our laws.
What gets me is that Sonoma County is northwest of here, so it's nowhere near the mexican border - maybe a good 400-500 miles?
It just goes to show how much illegal labor those fine upstanding vineyard owners are using to bring you those so-so wines at a premium price.


Brian said...

That's true. Farm and vinyard owners need all of that imported slave labor. Americans cut into their profit margins with all that minimum wage and federal law bullshit.

By ignoring the law as it applies to mexicans, they are also able to ignore the ancillary laws on the fringes as well... labor laws which is what they really want.

Why do you think Bush looked the other way? All of his cronies in Tx. were fattening margins with cheap labor as well.

He who has the gold makes the rules.

Fuck Obama.

rpm2day said...

This German Italian is going to apply for that card. I get a pretty deep tan, even in winter. Shit, I'm jumping on the fucking bandwagon! If I get laid off from my current job I can pick fruit.
Sarc aside, PC is wrecking this great country.