Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the hell, I haven't pissed any muslims off today. So far.

Yeah, I have no idea what the writing says (fucking gutter language) but the image itself is bound to make them go ballistic. Insulting their so-called religion and all the pigshit that goes along with it, you know?


drjim said...

Squeal, piggy, SQUEAL!

Allah bin Buttfukt said...

Ayeeeee!!! You filthy fucking infidel!!!

How DARE you imply that our Profit, may piss be upon him, would ever put his Holy Miniature Dick into the anus of a filthy PIG???
Are you so ignorant that you do not read the Great Koran which teaches us clearly that Mohammud, may piss be upon him, was a 'Catcher', not a 'Pitcher' ?

I DEMAND by the hairless shriveled balls of Allah, that you retract this horrible picture and show the way that it really WAS, with our Profit, may piss be upon him, receiving the delight of a Porcine Prostate Massage, as his Holy Bunghole eagerly clutches the massive throbbing penis of the Pig!

Hugs and Kisses,
Allah bin Buttfukt

Blue said...

I wonder if the pig has any STDs to give him?

drjim said...

Best two replies I've _ever_ seen here, Ken!!

Stinkwilly said...

I watched two pigs fuck once when I was young. The old bore actually went to sleep and he still had his dick buried in the sow.. They say a pig can have an orgasm for at least a half hour. I want to be a pig in my next life. hahahahaha

GHANI said...

I am so wonderd when I saw this Pic, why, Islam Never said anything bad to u and your religion, then why u unsulting our prophet...let me tell you something:
every religion books says about that specific party that is belong to, but our holy book (QURAN) says about all the huminity, you what dose it mean?

it mean, that Islam care for huminity not religions, Races, reach or poor poeple.

I wish u undrestand to respect religions!!!

wirecutter said...

Read the fucking newspaper, ghani. Coptics are being killed by muslims in Egypt and the last Christian church in Afghanistan was razed in 2010. Your religion of peace slaughtered 3,000 men, women and children on 9/11.
And if you don't think your so called religion doesn't talk badly about other religions, maybe you should actually read your koran.
Finally, Fuck Off.

rpm2day said...

I have some muzzle flash for ghani to evaluate.

B.C. said...

The squiggles in black read "MoHamHead" and "Khanzeer" (Which means "pig" in Arabic.) Don't ask me how I know this or I'd have to, uh, well, um,... Let's just leave it at that, OK? ;-)