Thursday, October 06, 2011

YES!!!! It's 'Beat The Shit Out Of A Hippie' Day!!!!

Cops whaling on some Occupy Wall Street hippies.
Cool, huh?


claymore said...

Too bad all those white shirt bosses were hogging all the stick time action on those new age hippies.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously beginning to believe that this Occupy ___________ bullshit is nothing more than a Soros/Obama ploy to incite a libber revolution that can, and will result in an issuance of orders for Martial Law and a suspension of rights, including a suspension of the next election for POTUS…

Just remember, ya heard it here 1st! If it’s WAR they want, then by God, let it be WAR!

Stinkwilly said...

......and Fred, that muslim piece of shit not only has to go,(perferably in handcuffs) but the assholes in congress that are too afraid to say anything with having to apologize 15 minutes later,..... they need to be right behind his skinny ass.

Fucque O. Bomma said...

Not usually a big fan of cops beating people up but once in a while - just once in a while - they get it right.
BTW - this is so good it ALMOST makes up for you putting up that photo of all the commie pervert bastards and beeyotches, up above it. and that Henry Waxman - geez, that scumbag really does make me wanna puke blood, just looking at that face!
He looks like a bad R. Crumb cartoon.