Friday, November 18, 2011

Animal Control Officer quits - via Craigslist

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Thanks to Sammy for sending this in.


I gotta say, I agree with this Officer 100%.
Every Animal Control Officer I've ever dealt with, including the one that locked CharlieGodammit up for biting a trespasser to the tune of 48 stitches, has been great.
They've got a bitch of a job, heartbreaking for them at times, yet they're dedicated and compassionate towards their furry charges.


Michael said...

Good evening my friend,

So Mr. Charlie Goddamnit was a guest of the state for a obvious rightous mauling that is a shame. It wasn't by chance that guy that took up residence in your backyard was it ? if not what ever became of that

wirecutter said...

He stayed until the rains quit and moved on. He came back on several occasions and more than worked his debt off.

The mauling happened about a year ago - I posted it.
CGD went to the Big House at 6 PM, I had him bailed by noon the next day. The Dogcatcher even said he'd testify for him if it came to that. Haven't heard a word about it since.

Damn, you got a good memory.

Michael said...

I am glad to hear both things turned out well. Yeah the memory thing can be a blessing and a curse. Michael

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