Friday, November 18, 2011

Assasination? Puh-lease........

The liberals are trying to spin the shooting at the Black House as an "assasination" attempt by the Right which is fucking hilarious to me.

Notwithstanding his ties to the Occupy Wall Streeters, the man who shot at the White House must have derived his views from Christian conservatives and the Tea Party, according to a column in the Guardian, because he reportedly called President Obama the Antichrist.
“Alleged presidential assassin Ortega-Hernandez reportedly called Obama ‘the Antichrist,’” notes the subtitle of Sarah Posner, “So who put that idea in his head?’”
Posner doesn’t give a straight answer, but points to apocalyptic comments by American televangelists who have suggested a variety of people as the Antichrist, before naming some Michigan pastor who seems to think Obama has a high “Antichrist quotient.”
Her column reaches its (utterly predictable) conclusion when she produces video of a man at a Tea Party rally holding a sign that portrays Obama as Satan. “This man’s companion could not cite chapter and verse, but insisted, nonetheless, that the Bible tells us that Obama is the Antichrist,” she writes.
(Washington Examiner)

First off, if we were going to try to kill the president, it would've been done. Period. It would've been done right. No fucking way would anybody in their right mind try to X his ass out by shooting at windows that are most assuredly ballistic glass and secondly if the Obamessiah was killed, then Biden would take his place and there is no fucking way in hell would we want that.

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Mulligan said...

Joe Biden = best life insurance policy ever.