Saturday, November 05, 2011

A few interesting email excerpts

From the emails:

What is that 'Lan Astaslem' on the bottom left of your banner?

It means "I won't submit" in arabic - or so I'm told. For all I know it means "I suck camel cocks".


What's a 22-250 got that a .223 doesn't? Why are you such a big fan?

Flatter trajectory, more speed, more energy dumped. Ballistics don't lie. I can aim dead on at 250 yards and be 2 inches low, still well within a coyotes' kill zone.
But hell, if you know your ballistics, it doesn't matter which one you're shooting.


You're an asshole.

Yes I am.


What would you have done if the "stinking hippie" had beat you up?

If he had recovered I had 4 feet of 3/16" chain, a ball peen hammer and/or a K-Bar to deal with him. But that's an odd question - he's a hippie. They don't have the balls to fight.


You Sir, are a real American, standing up for your beliefs.

Yup, and I even have a genuine embossed and signed birth certificate (unlike our president) to prove it.


How did CharlieGodammit get his name?

Live with him for a week and you'll find out. He'll raid your garbage cans, butt-fuck your old ladys' poodle, scare the mailman so bad they'll halt delivery to your house, fart in your face, eat your best pair of boots and lick your Evil Cats' ass 'til it's raw.
Any other questions?


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No shit?


Can you publish some ideas about my own 'Git Kit'? Maybe some pictures of yours?

You bet, sometime this weekend but I gotta tell you that there are others that are more qualified than me to speak on the subject. Check out the sidebar and look at the links under "Preppers, Survivalists...".


Your sight is SO racist, you even have a catagory titled niggas. You should be blocked from posting.

It's true, my racist attitudes are emerging, thanks to the Obamessiah and all you fucking liberals continually telling me I'm a racist.
Did you happen to notice that I also have a category called White Trash? I thought not. Let's see...... Niggas, 19 posts. White Trash, 280 posts. I guess that means I am a racist, I hate white people.
Oh, by the way - you used the word sight in the wrong context. A sight is what you look through to aquire your target. You must've meant site. Looks like that college book-learning didn't do you a whole lot of good.


PISSED said...

You're the Best Kenny!!

dhanna59 said...

Dudeman Kenny, If all the douchenozzle libtards knew just how little we real Americans consider them as subhuman lifeforms(quivering masses of spineless protoplasm oxygen thieves)they would just do the superior human race a favor and kill themselves...alas, but they have no spines AAARRGH!!!!

Blue said...

:) gotta love it!

Paul, Dammit! said...

You can't be racist if you hate all people equally, regardless of faith, color, creed, ethnicity or class.