Monday, November 14, 2011

From the emails - more money saving tips

Recently discovered your blog (through Marooned) and am greatly enjoying it. We seem to have a lot in common- guns, cooking, former druggies, patriotism, and similar politics.
While checking out your archives I came across money saving tips from April of last year. Great advice, much of which I already practice. You mentioned saving money by compromising on the quality of beer. Not a bad idea, and Bud is like horse piss anyway compared to many other brands.
There is a way to drink the best beer while saving big bucks: make your own. For all I know, you may have tried this, but if not you might give it a thought. Home brewing is like anything else: you can get into it to whatever level wanted. Casual brewing with "kits" takes very little time and money. There are hundreds of styles of beer that can be made, and after some trial batches, one determines what they like best. The best beer I've ever had was made at home, and you can save serious bucks as well. The main problem is when friends find out how damn good the stuff is. If that becomes a problem you can always put them to work with the brewing and bottling, and can have them pitch in with the cost as well.
Anyway, please keep up the good work. Your blog is now one of the few I check on a regular basis.


Thanks for the tip, Randy.
I always figured that beer making would be way beyond my finanicial abilities - just goes to show how much I know.