Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun with CharlieGodammit and my pyscho neighbor Bruce

My psycho neighbor Bruce came up tapping at the door and CharlieGodammit "answered" it for me.
I could tell it was Bruce before I even got up from the table because of the chanting that started from the front porch:
"I hate that dog, man, I hate that motherfucker. Put that motherfucker out back man, or I ain't comin' in. I don't want him to git me. I hate that damned dog. He keeps getting bigger and meaner every fucking day. He's mean even after you cut his balls off and then he got bigger. What do you do, give him steroids? I hate that dog......"
Lisa's laughing. "C'mon in, Bruce. He just wants to be your friend."
"I don't wanna be that motherfuckers' friend. I hate that dog. I know you love him but me? I hate that motherfucker. Steroids, I know that's what you're feeding him. He keeps getting bigger and meaner every fucking day......"


Deb said...

Might want to give Bruce a box of Depends and some Xanax for Christmas.

PISSED said...

...are you sure Bruce wasn't looking at a picture of Mooch?.. It would get the same chant I bet ...hehehhe