Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go ahead. Try and take it.

 CharlieGodammit with his pacifier

Actually I had just given him his rawhide bone. Motherfucker has to sit before he gets anything from me for no other reason than to keep him from knocking me down and taking it by force. He loves those damned things to the tune of about 10 or 12 a week. Thank God for the Dollar Store.
 Depending on the quality of it, he can demolish one - chewed into little bitty pieces and eaten - in anywheres from 5 minutes to 2 hours. I'm the only motherfucker I know that considers weight and number of rolls in the rawhide when I'm buying those damned things but at least my arm gets a break when he's gnawing on that.


Aaron Burr said...

Hmmm. Now I feel like I'm starting shit by asking you to post that pic of that awesome shirt you got for hosing down that OWS fuzz tit in traffic.

You should link to whatever site that came from. I hear it's awesome.

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

I love your dog!
He is a beauty.
We usually ahe between 32 and 5 dogs, mostly rescues, and a few cats. One of our current crop, a terrier, can chew anything - doors, furniture, checkbook ( yummy! Leather!!), rocks... but as always you just learn to adapt and improvise. On the plus side, I have never had to draw any of my weapons on unfriendlies because no one in these parts wants to face the dogs by opening the gate.
Good luck and long life to Charlie.

Anonymous said...

You need to be careful of blockages and also I won't buy any from China, they have poisoned too many pets already.

May I recommend a Kong? I used to have a pit bull and these were the only thing that lasted more than 5 minutes.