Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grumble grumble bitch whine and complain

I had a good day at work yesterday - stayed busy but not overwhelmed - and when I came home I was ready for an evening of movies and relaxing, visiting with Lisa, and generally just fucking off.
But alas, that was not to be.
I walked into the kitchen and saw a sink full of nasty dishwater and an "uh-oh" look on my Sweeties' face.
"Um, there is a minor problem here. I was making candles and some of the wax leaked out of the mold and I didn't notice and it ran down the drain and clogged up the sink and I tried to clear it with a coat hanger but I jabbed too hard and knocked the pipe loose and water came pouring out of the cabinet and the sink has a stopper in it to keep the rest of the water in the sink and I'm really really really sorry to do this to you right after you get home but I have a nice dinner of Chili Colorado for you and.........."
Damn, Woman. Take a breath.
I broke the rest of the pipes loose, drained the sink water into a bucket and tried to throw it on CharlieGodammit but he knew that game and was too quick.
Man, the P-trap (why do they call it a P-trap instead of a U-trap?) was completely clogged with hardened wax. That fucker must've weighed 2 pounds. So I said fuck it, I'll fix it tomorrow, no way was I getting my ass back into the truck and driving to the hardware store and spending time on my back under that sink tonight.
So I fucked with Lisa all night last night about HAVING TO GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE, and then started in on her this morning about it.
I'm glad she has a sense of humor.
So, I guess I'm going to finish my coffee, do my morning bathroom ritual and then get dressed to go TO THE HARDWARE STORE.
Thank God for P-traps, otherwise I'd be having to call a plumber to cut that wax out of my sewer line.
But this is going to be a nice source of entertainment for the next week or so.


drjim said...

Yep, been there, done that.
My wife has dropped more shit down our disposal than I care to remember.
You think puling the P-trap is a pain, wait until you have to drop a 30-pound disposal off the bottom of the sink, and then fight it back on....

Anonymous said...

Dude, YOU are in love... And it sounds like it fits you well...

dhanna59 said...

Just shut your mouth and don't say shit, get the job done. The lube job your gonna get in return will be WELL worth it my friend!

Stinkwilly said...

If it was one of those chromed traps, why not take a propane worch and melt the wax out of the trap..............carefully??
Just a suggestion.

wirecutter said...

It's PVC and I actually got the wax out by just dumping the damned thing in a pot of near boiling water for a minute. But the compression gaskets were fucked up and one of the connector rings was cracked so that's what I had to GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE for.
Sorry for the yelling but Lisa will probably be reading the comments later.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right....just go get a whole new unit. Lots easier in the long run.
You have a morning bathroom ritual? And my wife thinks I'm in a rut!??!?!!!!!!!!!