Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grumble grumble bitch whine and complain

I had a good day at work yesterday - stayed busy but not overwhelmed - and when I came home I was ready for an evening of movies and relaxing, visiting with Lisa, and generally just fucking off.
But alas, that was not to be.
I walked into the kitchen and saw a sink full of nasty dishwater and an "uh-oh" look on my Sweeties' face.
"Um, there is a minor problem here. I was making candles and some of the wax leaked out of the mold and I didn't notice and it ran down the drain and clogged up the sink and I tried to clear it with a coat hanger but I jabbed too hard and knocked the pipe loose and water came pouring out of the cabinet and the sink has a stopper in it to keep the rest of the water in the sink and I'm really really really sorry to do this to you right after you get home but I have a nice dinner of Chili Colorado for you and.........."
Damn, Woman. Take a breath.
I broke the rest of the pipes loose, drained the sink water into a bucket and tried to throw it on CharlieGodammit but he knew that game and was too quick.
Man, the P-trap (why do they call it a P-trap instead of a U-trap?) was completely clogged with hardened wax. That fucker must've weighed 2 pounds. So I said fuck it, I'll fix it tomorrow, no way was I getting my ass back into the truck and driving to the hardware store and spending time on my back under that sink tonight.
So I fucked with Lisa all night last night about HAVING TO GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE, and then started in on her this morning about it.
I'm glad she has a sense of humor.
So, I guess I'm going to finish my coffee, do my morning bathroom ritual and then get dressed to go TO THE HARDWARE STORE.
Thank God for P-traps, otherwise I'd be having to call a plumber to cut that wax out of my sewer line.
But this is going to be a nice source of entertainment for the next week or so.