Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hippie Update

Nothing. Nada. Zip. I drove through the intersection today to see what havoc I could wreak and nobody was there. But this is California and the temps did drop to 55 degrees after the sun set, so they probably got uncomfortable and retired to their homes, the pussies.
Possibly they were discouraged because there was no mention in our local smut sheet, The Modesto Bee. Fuck it, if they can't get their picture in the paper, what was the sense in standing out there being abused by the general public?
That's a bunch of dedicated motherfuckers, ain't it?
In one of the comments on that post there was word that at least one of them got arrested. If it was the one I gassed, he was having a real bad day, huh?


Brian in Florida said...

Kick names and take ass Wirecutter, I Just lost a brother, 35 years old, he was a cop, and he was the baby, I am mentaly warped, and physically beat. he died,, the 25th of october, if one of thyose hippy bastards comes up to me,,,, I am a disabled American Veteran, and I just lost a brother, I am hurting and I want someone to pay, if one of those dick sucking communist bastaqrds talked to me,,,,, I hope I do what you did, but,,, Letting them knoe Jesus,, might be my choice,

Erinyes said...

Here in Key West those fucking pussies got together with the hobos in Mallory Square for one or two evenings and put up a Facebook page with pics. They pulled link to the pics when I told the guy who posted them that since he said people could do whatever they wanted with them I would be photoshopping dicks and shit on them. Fucking DOUCHEBAGS!

Just John said...

Fuck 'em. If they knew how to work for a living, they wouldn't be clogging up the intersection. I admire your restraint.