Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a few more thoughts on this day

I had some time to think about Veterans' Day today when Vets were seeking out other Vets and shaking hands, thanking each other for their Service.
I work in a huge warehouse with about 350 other guys (and a handful of female clerks), yet you could count the number of Vets on your fingers. Only one guy that wasn't a Vet came up to me and thanked me.
Hey, don't get me wrong - I'm not bitter that my efforts and those of others weren't more appreciated. That's not why I enlisted. I didn't go in for respect (ask any Private how much respect he gets) or back-patting, I went in because I was raised up to believe that when a young man came of age, he went into the military for a few years to SERVE, whether it was his choice or the draft boards' choice. It was an obligation, plain and simple. A side note as far as draftees go - I have nothing but respect for those that answered the call, did their 2 years and resumed their lives. For the cowards that ran off to Canada..... well, I don't think I need to express my opinion of those "men".
Now we've been at war for 10 long years, yet we don't have a single Vet from our current conflict working in our warehouse and it ain't because my employer won't hire them. It's because youngsters nowadays have this sense of entitlement and they take the rights that they enjoy for granted.
Not only do they not feel that sense of obligation, they also have damned little respect for those that fought and died to make sure that they can enjoy those rights and privileges.
Sad, isn't it?


TheMinuteman said...

I haven't met you, and I thanked a lot of people today but thank you sir.

Thank you to you and your brothers for all you have done and will do.



GOOD BLOG Brother. Agree with your stance on Obumfuck. I volunteer to pack his bags in Jan 2013 and load them on the plane back to Kenya along with the First Wookie and The Grubs.

Anonymous said...

From an OIF vet thanks for your service, on your comment about the lack of younger vets I heard someone say "On September 11th the military went to war and America went to the mall". Now that I am out and in school on the GI Bill it is so fucking true.

ParaPacem ( signed out of Google for the night) said...

Thank you sir - I will buy a poppy in your honor next time - and a beer if we ever meet.

TheBronze said...

From one Vet to another, Thanks wirecutter.

Semper Fi!

Erinyes said...

A day late and a dollar short, but thank you! I hit several blogs yesterday thanking people for their service, some slipped through the cracks...

MSgt B said...

Thanks for doing your bit, cuz.

If all our troops come home at the end of the year like BHO says, you're going to see a lot more of them out there looking for jobs.

Tell your boss to snatch 'em up.

Zilla/MJ said...

I can never thank you and our other Veterans enough for your loyalty, courage and sacrifice. We would be nothing without you. God bless.