Monday, November 07, 2011

Mondays suck

I just got back from the dentist for my deep root cleaning.
Man, that takes all the fun out of going to the dentist. That and the Copenhagen I wasted trying to cram it into my numb face when I left the office.


drjim said...

Yeah, I hate 'me, too.
Got to play hookie today, though.
Two Doctor's appointments, and a (UGH!) treadmill test.

dhanna59 said...

Well at least you didn't go out and have a roast beef sandwich for lunch and end up eatin half your bottom lip before you noticed all the blood in the plate like I did once.... that shit took forever to heal,fuck!

Scott said...

My wife always insisted on a Hardees burger after said procedures. It was intriguing to watch how much she could actually get in her mouth and truly consume. That is putting it politely.