Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ooooh, we got a tough boy here.....

(NYDN) — The protester who busted his head open during a bout with cops at Zuccotti Park on Thursday has long carried the reputation of being a fighter — but got a major lesson in love, too.
Brandon Watts, whose bloody face was pictured on the front page of Friday’s Daily News, was the first person to set up a residential tent inside the park, a fellow protester said.
“He’s been here since week one,” said the protester, who did not want to use his name. “He was one of the guys who started the whole tent thing.”
He said Watts, of Philadelphia, Pa., put together his tent a day after Jesse Jackson helped protect a medical tent from being dismantled on Oct. 17.
Soon after protesters started pitching tents, a gal pal of Watts’ told the New York Times Magazine he lost his virginity at the encampment.
“Brandon lost his virginity today — not to me,” Core Jones, 20, told the magazine on Oct. 23. “I don’t know who the girl is. But I want to have a party for him.”
On Thursday, Watts stood atop a wall inside Zuccotti Park and tossed objects — including a AAA battery — at cops standing outside the barricade along Liberty St., police said.
Suddenly, the 6-foot-1, 160-pound Watts charged the officers and snatched a hat off the head of a deputy inspector, cops said.
Cops caught him as he ran back into the park, but he began to fight back, police said. He was wrestled to the ground and busted his head on the concrete, causing a gash to gush blood down his face.
It wasn’t the first time Watts tussled with cops since the Occupied Wall Street movement began downtown.
He has been arrested four times since Sept. 24 for resisting arrest, loitering in disguise, escaping from a prisoner van and stealing orange mesh fencing, police said.
He even bragged about some of the arrests to a Daily News reporter on Oct. 1.
“I got loose from them and I ran and I knocked down the barricades as much as I could,” he said of one collar.
He also gloated about an alleged fight on a downtown train with four men who attacked one of his female friends.
“I stood up and defended her,” he said. “I got blades on the bottoms of my shoes and a blade in my pocket.”
But he said he never had to use a weapon.
“I roundhouse kicked [one] in the balls,” he said. “I got only two black eyes, and they got carried out with handcuffs and stretchers.”


Yeah, right. Four against one and they took them out on stretchers? If you're so fucking tough, why are you crying over a cut on your head from that asskicking that you were dealt?
And your weaponry sucks. How about a blade AND a 45 on my hip - who do you think will be taken away on a stretcher then, punk?
Glad you finally got laid though, but I have a question: Was it with a girl?


dhanna59 said...

Kenny, he prolly had it with his fist...If I had to put on that "round brown" and go back in time to Ft. Lostinthewoods, I could have that little piece of cumspittle cryin for his mammy in no time and put his ass back on the next thing smokin back to Sillyniggaphilly!

Mulligan said...

most of these idiots don't know they only have the right to peaceful assembly not violent trespass and vandalism.

Skip said...

One of those fuckers touch my fence, it's on!

Harry Bollocks said...

The amusing thing to me, after seeing this kind of crap over the years, is that the little fucktards will taunt the cops, get in their faces, spit at them, throw stuff at them, insult their families, shove them, ALL becuae they know that the cops are supposed to take that shit and not cut loose with firepower. Kind of like the kind of assholes who taunt a dog when it is behind a fence, mocking it and yelling and such.
But then - when the cop lands a good solid blow, or the dog jumps the fence and bites one of the bastards - they ALWAYS cry, "Waaah! He wasn't supposed to DO that! I demand my rights! I want a lawyer! I want Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I want my Mommy!"