Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pops' attack dog

You know, it's bad enough that my father - 20 year career Soldier with 3 years in Vietnam and a fucking bad-ass in his younger days - would own a chihuahua, but when he came over today and told me he was buying her a sweater (!!!), I just about shit. He tried to make it better by telling me it was camouflage. With a little hood.
But still, Pops......... I mean, damn...... a sweater?


BillyBob said...

If I tried to put a sweater on my Rottweiler he would bite the hell out me, and I would deserve it...

Anonymous said...

Little dogs with attitudes are okay. They alert, some advance the threat to bite an ankle, but best of all they are low enough to the floor they don't get in the line of fire.

Hence they are re-usable, no need to get another, after the fight. If your muzzle control is correct they are good to go as they are way below center mass.

So little yappers do serve a purpose, and they transport easily and don't eat too much also.

Skip said...

Little fuckers will alert ya, don't knock over the furniture, and don't shit ax handles all over.
Not real sure of sweaters though.