Monday, November 14, 2011


Poser in Chief? Watch these two videos

A navy corpsman (a combat medic) is pronounced "cor-man," not corpse man, Commander.

And last Veterans Day he "remembered" one of the worst battles of Vietnam, Khe Sanh.
It's pronounced "Kay Sonn," fearless leader, not Keysan.

And for future reference, Mr. Obama, as far as the Vietnam War:

POW is not a loud noise;
KIA does not refer to a car:
MIA is not a hollywood actress;
AIR STRIKES aren't by your union members
BODY COUNT is not the number of people in your audience; and
HO CHI MINH is not served with soy sauce.

Perhaps the next time you refer to us you should consult with someone who was actually
in the military . . . (not that we'd really give a shit about anything you say), Poser.

Thanks to Lee for sending us a piece of his mind