Saturday, November 05, 2011

Solvents and gun oil supplies

Okay, everybody prepares for lean times in one way or another, whether it be for total economic collapse, nuclear war, civil unrest, or just plain ol' everyday hard times. You can be saving money, planting a garden, stockpiling weapons and ammo, whatever, but everybody practices one or all of these in one way or another for different reasons.
My focus right now is on the resisting end of the spectrum along with stockpiling supplies to live off of. Because I'm kinda sorta new to this (about a year) and I freely admit I don't know everything, so I read a lot on the subject of survivalism. Books, magazines, periodicals, and especially blogs and websites.
Now, depending on who you read, must-have POL supplies vary. Gasoline, heating and motor oil. The one thing I have never seen listed for buying in bulk are gun cleaning supplies.

Like everybody else that owns firearms and shoots them, I own a cleaning kit or 12. I'm serious, I've got one in my rifle case, one in my truck, and about a million different bits and pieces from a hundred old kits in the reloading room. But I've only got 3 small bottles of Hoppes #9, 3 small bottles of light viscosity oil and 2 cans of Break-Free, again for the truck, rifle case and reloading room.
Now, cleaning rods will last one hell of a long time, in fact for a lifetime unless you bend them. Bronze brushes do wear out and flatten down, but they've got a pretty long lifetime. So there's no worry on those.
But what about solvents and oils to keep your weapons in top shape? Hey, it doesn't take long to burn through your fluids particularly when you're using the hell out of your firearms. Just ask any dedicated benchrest or trapshooters. In damp climates, you'll clean your weapon every day whether it was fired or not as any Vietnam Vet can tell you.
So you might want to think about laying in a good supply of those items.