Saturday, November 19, 2011

That shit would get on my nerves too

Chris Schisler did not appreciate the camp drummer waking him up at 7 AM.
Two Occupy Portland goons were arrested after they choked and beat the camp drummer with a hammer.
The Press Herald reported:
Portland police say they have charged a man with assaulting another man with a hammer at the Occupy Maine encampment in Lincoln Park.
Police charged Chris Schisler who said recently he has been staying at the camp for several weeks, with assaulting another member of the camp at about 7 a.m.
The victim of the assault was taken to a local hospital with a head injury, police said.
Demonstrators said that the victim of the assault was banging on a drum to wake protesters to participate in a morning cleanup exercise, raking leaves so the city could collect them. The morning cleanup had been decided at the previous night’s general assembly, though many people at the camp were not there.
When the man started drumming to wake the camp, Schisler allegedly told him to stop and when he didn’t, smashed the drum head with the hammer, protesters said. In the ensuing confrontation, Schisler hit the man – a protester who has been active in park governance and maintenance – in the head…
…Portland police have charged a second man in a morning assault at the Occupy Maine encampment in Lincoln Park.
Police issued a court summons to Danny Arnold, 34 on a charge of choking another man.
A police press release said Arnold and Chris Schisler, 34, assaulted Alan Porter, 45, as he was banging a drum to wake people at the camp. Schisler, who was located at the Portland Public Library after the 7 a.m. assault, is being held on $10,000 bail at Cumberland County Jail, charged with hitting Porter in the head with a hammer.
- The Gateway Pundit 


Deb said...

And the beat goes on. Well, I guess in this case the beat literally does not go on in that particular camp.

"Occupiers": Annoying lazy-ass people who choose to be homeless, jobless, and suck off the very system they profess to loathe.

wirecutter said...

Nice thing about drum circles is that it drowns out the sniper fire.

Watch out, Deb. You're fixing to piss some people off again.